Craig's Actual Creations!

Moon Phase Today for PocketPC

Version 0.2

This today item depicts the phases of the moon and provides information on the current status of the Moon Cycle. Clicking on the items brings up more information about the location of the moon in reference to the earth/sun etc.

Click on the text of the Moon Phase Today applet to see more information or go into
Start->Settings->Today->Items tab
and select Moon Phase Today and push the Options... Button to adjust settings

PocketPC2002 StrongARM Install

C# X-10 Libray

This is a C# .NET library for the X-10 Active Home Automation system. At the moment the library has limited functionality and supports Lamp and Application modules as well as some of the global functionality of the CM11a. Future revision will hopefully work with the CM17a Firecracker controller as well as support for macros and groups. At the moment this library depends on the Microsoft Serial port .NET library for Serial Port IO Access and will have to be downloaded seperately from Microsoft.

X-10 .NET library
GotDotNet/Microsoft Serial Port library

iPAQ 5400 WLAN Systray

To save battery time I wanted an easy way of turning on/off WLAN and HP provided a program for doing that but I found it inconvient. Thus the iPAQ 5400 WLAN Systray app. Running the executable puts a Systray icon that by clicking on it will turn the built-in WLAN Adapter on/off. There is no way as of yet to close down the systray applet without performing a software reset. Icon Colour indicates status of WLAN.

There is no setup program just unzip the executable and manually copy it to the device and run it from File Explorer. If you want to have it startup automaticaly put it in the \Windows\Startup folder and soft reset the device.

iPAQ5400WLAN Download