Welcome to Craig's Creations

This is my piece of real estate on the web where I can publish my projects and information about myself. I am a software engineer that has had the fortune and pleasure to work on cutting-edge products during my career. I started programming because I enjoy it and I tend to develop in my off time. When I am not slinging code you can find me dragging my family on some outdoor excursion up a mountain somewhere.

Professional Information

I have been programming for most of my life. I started programming when I was 13 and I still get excited when developing. My professional career has focused on embedded, mobile, and server platforms. I am a firm believer in the right tool for the right job. This has led me to use a range of tools or programming languages to get the job done.

Programming Projects for Fun

This section contains a few of my off-time projects. My current project is a mulch-selling cloud computing web application for my son's scout troop. For the other projects, time and technologies have moved on. I keep them around for historical purposes.

Craig's Actual Creations

BSA Troop 27 Fundraiser Web App

When Troop 27 needed to replace their mulch order fundraising system, I suggested using a cloud computing design. This would provide a very cost-effective and low-failure solution. They agreed and thus this open-source project was born. This project contains a combination of different cloud services. * AWS Lambda written in Go or Rust. * CockroachDB SQL for data storage. * PhaseTwo (KeyCloak) for Oauth2 Security * AWS Amplify for hosting of the static site. * PWA using the Rust, Bootstrap, DataTables, and Yew WebAssembly app framework for the site itself. Now the scouts have the ability to take orders from their mobile devices as well as on their desktops. It has integrated GeoLocation functionality allowing scouts to target undersold areas. And the features are still expanding...

This is an active project and as such new features are actively beeing added all the time.

Fundraiser Web App Project Home

C# X-10 Libray

No longer an active project

This is a C# .NET library for the X-10 Active Home Automation system. The library supports Lamp and Application modules as well as the generic functions of the CM11a. Since my house is now on newer technologies this project is no longer in active development. This library requires the Microsoft Serial port .NET library for Serial Port IO Access. The serial library is/was provided by Microsoft. Unfortunately, the last time I checked the Microsoft URL is no longer valid. I leave this project available in hopes it could be useful as a reference for someone wanting to do more interesting things. C# X-10 project Home

Moon Phase Today for PocketPC

No longer an active project

Version 0.2

This today item depicts the phases of the moon and provides information on the current status of the Moon Cycle. Clicking on the items brings up more information about the location of the moon in reference to the earth/sun etc.
Written in C++ with the Microsoft devlopment tools

iPAQ 5400 WLAN Systray

No longer an active project

I wanted an easy way of turning on/off WLAN to save battery life. HP provided a program for doing that but I found it inconvenient. Thus, the iPAQ 5400 WLAN Systray app, was created. Running the executable creates a Systray icon. When clicked this will turn the built-in WLAN Adapter on/off. The icon color indicates the status of the WLAN adapter. There is no way to close down the systray applet without performing a soft reset.