Welcome to Craig's Creations!

This is my piece of real estate on the web were I can publish my projects and information about myself. Professionally I am a software engineer that historically has had the fortune and pleasure to be working on cutting edge products during my professional time. I started programming because I enjoy it and I tend to develop in my off time. When I am not programming you will probably find me dragging my family on some outdoor excursion up a mountain somewhere;)

Professional Information

I have been a software engineer for most of my life. Started programming when I was 13 and still get excited when developing. Most of my professional career has been focused on the server, mobile, or embedded space using whatever tools or programming languages were required to get the job done.

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Projects Programming for Fun

This section contains a few of my off time projects. Right now the projects here are rather dated due to a recent span of working for companies with restrictive employee contracts. I do have a few projects in the works that I am hoping to add to my list here soon.

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